What are safety passports?

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the Environment Agencies see Passport Schemes as a way of improving health and safety performance. They help to promote good practice and can help reduce accidents and ill health caused by work.

How do passports help employers and workers stay within the law?

Health & Safety Law states that:

  • Employees must be trained and instructed in their duties
  • Employers and host companies must ensure that contractors are properly trained and competent to work safely

Safety passports demonstrate that employees have been trained and instructed in their duties. It is the responsibility of their company to assess practical experience and ultimately the individuals competence.

Gas Safety PassportWhat should passport training cover?

A safety passport holder should know:

  • the hazards and risks they face
  • the hazards or risks they can cause for other people
  • how to identify relevant hazards and potential risks
  • how to assess what to do to eliminate the hazard and control the risk
  • how to take steps to control the risks to themselves and others
  • their safety and environmental responsibilities
  • where to find additional safety information
  • how to follow a safe system of work

Does your company/organisation use the Gas Safety Passport scheme?

Whether you’re a contractor or a company that uses contractors, the Gas Safety Passport scheme will benefit you.

Contractors:- by using the Gas Safety Passport scheme and ensuring that all your staff who use gas cylinders have a valid Gas Safety Passport card, you are telling your clients that safety matters to you. You know that your staff have received all the essential safety training that they require concerning the safe use, handling, storage and transport of the gases and equipment they use.

Contractees:- by only appointing contractors who are members of the Gas Safety Passport scheme you are ensuring, as far as possible, that any work undertaken on your site using gas cylinders will be completed in a controlled and safe manner.

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