Gas Safety Passports

What is a Gas Safety Passport?

You wouldn't let someone who isn’t registered with the Gas Safe Register (formerly CORGI) work on your domestic gas boiler or cooker, so why would you let someone carry out hazardous tasks such as welding, cutting or burning without knowing they have been trained to work safely with their gas cylinders and equipment?

Various legislation exists stating that users must have received appropriate safety training, but all too often this has not taken place.

In the UK, companies, contractors or individuals who use gas cylinders for any purpose DO NOT have to be registered with any formal scheme or organisation, neither do they have to pass an examination.

In short, anyone can easily get hold of a gas cylinder and start working on your site – without any training, or any knowledge of the potential hazards!

A Gas Safety Passport is your way of knowing that an individual has been formally trained to work safely with gas cylinders and associated equipment.

So what does a Gas Safety Passport mean?

Gas Safety PassportIt means peace of mind.

The holder of a valid Gas Safety Passport has completed both theory and practical certificated formal training, delivered by Gas Safe, the country’s leading provider of specialist gas safety training.

This means they have learned about the hazards and dangers of compressed gases, how to use gas cylinders safely and how to ensure their equipment is in good condition, safe and suitable for the purpose.

The Gas Safety Passport card is a robust and secure plastic card, it carries an expiry date and displays a tamper-proof photo of the holder.

How can I find out more?

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